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JZL has selected Katzen International, Inc. of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA for its plant design. The experience and actual performance with more than 50 years of tradition demonstrated by Katzen International, Inc. is known and respected in the ethanol industry worldwide.

The production of bioethanol from starch-based feedstock is an excellent example of value-added processing. Using wheat as the feedstock is one of the most common ways to produce bioethanol. Dry mill ethanol production is the premier manufacturing production system to extract starch contained in the wheat. Ethanol plants are fermentation facilities in which cereals are ground and mixed with water to form a mash. The mash is then heated, and enzymes are added to convert starch into fermentable sugars. Fermentation then occurs when yeast is added to convert the sugars into ethanol and carbon dioxide.

There are two predominant technologies used in the production of bioethanol from wheat. They are the dry mill process and the wet mill process. Most of the ethanol in the Czech Republic will be made using the dry mill method. In the dry mill process, the starch portion of the wheat is fermented into sugar then distilled into alcohol.

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